Venus (Diamond)

Planet: Venus.

Chakra: IV (Heart Center)

Metal: Copper.


Herbs: Alchemilla, Burdock, Birch

Number given to the planet: 6 (the number of harmony, beauty and relationship)

Colors to use: light blue, pink

Colors to avoid: Dark colors, colors that are too bright.

Composition: Cn + (Al, Ca, Cr, Fe, Mg, Mn, Si, Sr, Ti)

Mythology: The name diamond, comes from the Greek adamas, invincible. This theme is found throughout the entire tradition concerning this gemstone. Among several cultures, the diamond was often associated with the image of Venus, and because it was believed to be able to rid a person of demons, it represents righteousness and virtue.

Spirit: Helps develop a clear understanding of one’s existential situation. It helps individuals cope with the trials of life and improve their character. It promotes order, and gives the strength to break free from harmful compromises and unnecessary rules. It encourages freedom of thought, and pushes the individual to respect himself. It strengthens the sense of ethics and the desire for justice. Thus, the subject develops objectivity and learns to act justly in all circumstances of life.

Psyche: Helps overcome fear, depression and feelings of emptiness. It teaches how to master the crises produced by the failure of one’s own projects. It raises awareness of the underlying causes of problems or diseases, allowing for an unbiased analysis. In this way, the subject learns to develop better control over his ideas, his moods, and ultimately his life.

Mind: The diamond causes the individual to analyze the consequences of his or her actions. It promotes rational thinking, and enables us to grasp the relationships between different things. It stimulates learning ability, and facilitates the integration of new notions with those already known, allowing the subject to quickly apply what he or she has learned. Finally, it strengthens the ability to make clear and precise decisions, and to solve problems.

Physical level: Diamond is to be employed when the individual needs to improve the knowledge he or she has about himself or herself and to make some major change in his or her life. It is indicated in the treatment of all disorders of organs somehow associated with psychic activities, such as the brain, nervous system, kidneys, skin, and hormonal glands. To the extent that the mind learns to control itself, it also learns to control the body.

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