QSPC (Canonical Spagyric Quintessence of Paracelsus)

The true Canonical Spagyric Quintessence of Paracelsus (QSPC) embodies the three alchemical philosophical principles, namely Mercury, Sulfur and Salt. Later …
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MSA (Spagyric-Alchemical Macerate of Solanimus)

Here we will not only talk about spagyria or green alchemy, but also some real alchemy, this when working with …
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TSA (Spagyric-Alchemical Tincture of Solanimus)

Here we will not speak of operations concerning Alchemy, but purely of spagyric operations that will allow us to produce …
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Alchemical gems – Alchemy and gemstones

Our earth is the receiver of all the celestial influences that descend to us in the form of polarized light …
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The 4 elements – Homer’s FIRE or SKY.

After the separation of chaos, the sky became the subtlest being, the most incomprehensible and the most elevated, a very …
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Exspagyr software

ExSpagyr software comes in “Basic” and “Professional” versions. ExSpagyr is a software that, by combining Classical Astrology (Ptolemaic) with Spagyria …
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Aurum alba or white gold

Ancient alchemists and hermetic philosophers often used mythological stories of legendary heroes or Semi-Gods to illustrate the universal alchemical process …
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Planets and their relationships

Astrodiagnosis or Medical Astrology is the application of Astrology to Medicine, that is, the search, through the reading of the …
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