Alchemical gems – Alchemy and gemstones

Our earth is the receiver of all the celestial influences that descend to us in the form of polarized light. Slowly these spiritual virtues and qualities materialize. Through its magnetic quality, the earth fertilizes, absorbs and materializes those spiritual light rays into particular minerals; it all depends on the law of attraction and repulsion. Therefore, “that which was above, spiritual and very subtle, becomes like that which is below, heavy and corporatized.”
Where the soil of the earth is richer in sulfur, more metals will develop, and where the soil is richer in salts, more crystals will develop. It all depends on the natural proportions. Most gemstones were originally salt water and extremely corrosive in nature. Wherever they went on their journey, they dissolved and dissolved many minerals and metals, thus turning them into oxides, carbonates and soluble salts, and with a pinch of sulfur they deepened their colors into beautiful vitriolic waters. These vitriolic salt waters are evaporated very slowly or rapidly depending on external conditions and external natural events. Some have become hard, transparent masses, others crystallized. Over time, with heat and cold, pressure and liquefaction, these salts melted, vitrified and became crystalline, and in this way gems were born.
This natural process can easily be successfully replicated in the laboratory, as the gemstones can be cleaved back into their original form of chaotic nitric and vitriolic waters and again returned to their crystalline vitrified forms. This is how we make our liquid crystals, following nature step by step. When, through this ability of ours, gems are cleaved, or returned to their liquid or oily form, they enter a monoatomic state and can reveal amazing properties.
Our world receives polarized light from all the heavenly bodies around us. Whether it is daytime in bright sunshine or at night, these polarized lights enter us and continuously affect us, but only at night can we contemplate the beauty of the moon and observe all the stars and heavenly bodies. We must understand that these polarized lights are also known as cosmic rays, and the spectrum of light is composed of the seven colors of the rainbow. After all, colors are nothing more than a particular frequency of light. When we observe the moon at night, the sunlight that is polarized by the moon travels at 300,000 km per second, then enters our eyes and imprints our brains, affecting us. The very instant these solar rays enter us, they immediately affect us, and we are here to witness it.
It is by entering us with all the virtues and qualities that we become the receivers of these cosmic rays and their influence as happens to anything else under the sun. The science of astrology is based on this understanding. In a similar way, when we look at a gem in the sun, the polarized light takes on the characteristics and virtues of that gem, enters our eyes and therefore influences us. Gems are an inexhaustible mine of the seven cosmic rays. Each gemstone can naturally reflect light, but since it is itself a materialization of a particular cosmic ray, it will reflect sunlight along with its own characteristics and materialized light, so that its particular frequency can penetrate us through the skin and eyes, which are the first to affect us.
It is for this reason that we use gems and adorn our bodies with them. When we wear a gem set, ring or pendant, the result can vary and can be very slow to notice, as it all depends on the quality and size of the stone and also on the time factor, such as the right time, the right exposure and contact with the stone. Therefore, it can take several days or weeks to be able to feel the change in our lives and personalities.
But if we want a quick and snappy experience of the goodness of the gems, it is through their reduction into potable elixirs, or essences, by a natural alchemical process that turns them back into soluble salt water. When such essences are absorbed by the human body, they interpenetrate all our energy (pranic) and physical bodies within seconds, and can function as fast and wonderful mood enhancers. When we take a drop of an alchemical elixir of our choice, we experience such a sensational change and identification with the character of that particular gem and planet that we felt that one drop is almost too much.

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