Sun (Ruby)

Planet: Sun.

Chakra: VI (Third eye)

Metal: Gold.


Herbs: Hawthorn, Rosemary, Hypericum

Number attributed to the planet: 1 (the unity, origin, guide, foundation)

Colors to use: red, orange, yellow, gold

Colors to avoid: Gray, black

Composition: Al2O3 + Cr, Ti

Mythology: The ruby was defined by ancient European and Indian cultures as the sun stone, as a symbol of life force, inner fire, love and passion.

Spirit: Ruby generates momentum and dynamism. It makes one impulsive and passionate in love, but without making one fall into self-destructive tendencies.

Psyche: Ruby makes one active and dynamic, pushing one out of apathy and passivity. It is, however, also able to balance states of hyperactivity and stimulates sexual activity.
It is useful in lack of confidence, self-confidence or self-respect-in general low self-esteem. Useful in lack of willpower and courage, when there is little initiative or motivation, or when there is dependence on others emotionally. Useful when success does not make the individual feel comfortable. Useful when the individual is slow and/or indolent and even lethargic.

Mind: Ruby strengthens the ability to commit to one’s tasks. It makes alert, efficient, impulsive and spontaneous.

Physical: Ruby invigorates the heart, stimulates metabolism and digestion, and helps eyesight.

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