Mercury (Emerald)

Planet: Mercury.

Chakra: V (Third Throat)

Metal: Mercury.

Essences: QSA LAVENDER (QES of Mint, Sage, Eucalyptus)

Herbs: Passionflower, Chamomile

Number given to the planet: 4 (the number of order, balance and reason)

Colors to use: soft green, brown, gray and soft blue.

Colors to avoid: Red, orange and all very bright colors.

Chemical formula: Be3Al2 (Si6O18) + K, Li, Na + (Cr)

Mythology: The emerald was associated among the ancient cultures of Europe and India with Mercury, the divine winged messenger, god of sleep and dreams. He was, therefore, believed to be a source of divine inspiration. In ancient times, it was employed to treat the eyes.

Spirit: Emerald stimulates inner growth, sensitivity and aesthetic sense, as well as, the desire for peace and harmony. It promotes perseverance and joy in life. It fosters friendship, love and harmony in the couple. Keeps young at heart.

Psyche: Emerald helps to overcome difficult times. It generates harmony, optimism and vitality. It pushes the subject to live his or her life more intensely. Useful in lack of intelligence, poor communication skills, speech disorders, weak memory, difficulty in calculation, immaturity, childishness, lack of self-control. The individual may be slow, a daydreamer or irrational. The mind may be without control.

Mind: Emerald makes one extroverted, alert and forward-looking. It generates aptitude for collaboration, facilitating mutual understanding.

Physical level: Emerald improves vision and heals respiratory tract irritation. It strengthens the heart, stimulates the liver, performs a detoxifying action and alleviates rheumatism. Finally, it stimulates the immune system, accelerating healing from infections. Useful in nervous system weakness, nerve pain, tremors, anxiety, insomnia, palpitations, dry and itchy skin, hypersensitivity of the senses, nervous indigestion and allergies.

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