Saturn (Blue sapphire)

Planet: Saturn.

Chakra: I (Root Center).

Metal: Lead.

Essences: QSA PINE

Herbs: Horsetail, Rye

Number assigned to the planet: 7 (the number of control, limit, completion)

Colors to use: dark blue, brown.

Colors to avoid: Bright colors and the excess of any color.

Spirit: Counteracts the tendency to scatter, prompting the subject to focus on his goals and pursue them without becoming distracted. It allows one to examine one’s life objectively and change undesirable aspects of it. It makes the desire for knowledge and wisdom more intense.

Mind: M akes sober, able to discriminate and mentally ordered. It strengthens the subject’s determination and will, enabling him or her to carry out his or her desires with ease.

Physical level: By promoting the will to heal, it promotes all healing processes. It mitigates pains. It proves particularly useful in diseases affecting the bones, spleen, intestines, brain, and nervous system.

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