Jupiter (Yellow sapphire)

Planet: Jupiter.

Chakra: II (Sexual center)

Metal: Tin.


Herbs: Licorice, Ginseng

Number given to the planet: 5 (the number of law and intelligence in manifestation)

Colors to use: Yellow, orange, gold, clear in general.

Colors to avoid: Red, blue, violet and purple.

Spirit: Strengthens the subject’s ability to realize himself or herself and lead a fulfilling life. It enables him to intervene in the process of his own spiritual development when it proves too slow. It helps him deal wisely with what fate throws his way.

Psyche: Helps to discover one’s deep inner wealth. It promotes openness, frankness and the ability to express emotions. Useful when there is lack of joy and enthusiasm, weak will and lack of faith. Useful when the individual feels contracted and meaningless, when there is pessimism, depression, anxiety, sadness and self-pity. Also useful when the individual is uncompassionate, friendly and sympathetic and when creative energy is low if not absent.

Mind: Makes the subject aware of his or her own authority. These learn to affirm it, knowing that it is based on wisdom and experience.

Physical level: Strengthens nerves and stimulates energy flow along meridians. It improves digestion and the liver, and also helps control the figure. It stimulates the body’s metabolism. It improves pancreatic function. Useful in chronic diseases and malfunctioning glands.

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