Moon (Pearl)

Planet: Moon.

Chakra: VI (Third eye)

Metal: Silver.


Herbs: Mallow, elm

Number attributed to the planet: 2 (duality, the basis for the manifestation of mind and emotionality; it is relationship, balance and exchange)

Colors to be used: white. Light and bright shades of blue, green and pink.

Colors to avoid: Red, gray, black.

Spirit: Pearl produces lucid dreams.

Psyche: The pearl enhances the (unconscious) capacity of the subject, thereby making him or her more intuitive. It intensifies feelings, facilitates dream recall, and mitigates moody temperament. It is useful in fickleness, emotional instability, anxiety, inability to relate to others, fear of intimacy, poor sociability and weak emotions. It will be useful when the individual is dissatisfied and finds it difficult to cope with the stress and tension of human contacts. Useful when the individual suffers from variable mood, depression, and the mind may be clouded or troubled.

Mind: The pearl enables the individual to accept their irrational aspects more easily.

Physical level: The pearl stimulates the activity of the pineal gland. By making her more sensitive to light, it allows her to harmonize her hormonal cycle with the rhythms of nature. In this way, it makes women more fertile and helps them overcome problems related to menstruation, after childbirth or at a critical age.
Useful in scarcity of body fluids, dry skin and when having difficulty with heat.

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