Software ExSpagyr

ExSpagyr software comes in “Basic” and “Professional” versions.

ExSpagyr is a software that, by combining Classical Astrology (Ptolemaic) with Spagyria, allows the interpretation of the Birth Chart (Sky Chart), a subject’s Planetary Configuration, i.e., his Individual Constitution. Spagyria and Alchemy, in fact, consider Man as a microcosm (a Solar System in miniature) and, according to the rule “As above, so below. As below, so above,” it is as if a given configuration of Heaven, at the moment of birth, is imprinted on the person, attributing to him certain qualities, more or less marked.

According to the Spagyric-Alchemical Philosophy there must be a balance between the Planetary Forces. This software, through various links, quickly allows one to point out both the “weakest” Planet when the Individual was born and the most appropriate remedy to rebalance it, specifically the Alchemical Gemstone (Precious Stone), explaining how any ongoing pathology may be related to the “disturbed” Planet.

An important feature is the presence of Planetary Coordinates (Longitude and, most importantly, Latitude), which are essential for accurately assessing Aspects between Planets.

The section called Constitution (Fabric) is another useful tool for assessing a person’s character, degree of introversion or extroversion, adaptability or sense of autonomy.

A particularly interesting link is one called Psychic Synthesis, in which entering a keyword suggests the most appropriate remedy for the subject’s psychic problem.

In addition, a special section suggests the remedies deemed most suitable for symptomatic use, if one does not want to apply, at any given time, the astrological system.


  • Astrological Functions: Planetary Coordinates, Constitution (Fabric), Archetypal Structure, Planetary Aspects, Energetic Affinities, Antisce and Contracts, Dodecatemories, Volguine Dominant, Masters.*
  • Remedy Consultation: Dysfunctions, Remedies, Primary Database, Dysfunctional Directory, Astrological Signatures/S, Plants and Active Principles, Psychic Synthesis, Astrological Weaknesses/T.
  • Accessory Functions: Aspect Orbit Variation, Circle Roundness and Screen Resizing, Line Thickness, Backup/Restore Birth Data and Texts.

ExSpagyr is, therefore, an effective tool for an energy check-up, for an Astro-diagnosis understood not in the sense of a clinical diagnosis, but rather as a qualitative assessment of the person’s “Asters.”

Of course, the software comes with an instruction manual and a theoretical handout on the Astrological-Spagyric system. In addition, so that the user is protected in his purchase, the software is given with a code, without which its operation is prevented.

The software is very easy to use and is interactive. Using the program you will learn the fundamentals of Astrodiagnosis. However, for those who wish to learn more about this technique, Seminars are periodically organized.

* Functions written in red are present only in the “Professional” version

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