Mars (Red coral)

Planet: Mars.

Chakra: III (Center of the navel)

Metal: Iron.

Essences: QSA LEMON

Herbs: Barberry, Echinacea, Aloe

Number attributed to the planet: 3 (the number of will and energy; it is power, penetration and decision)

Colors to use: Red, matte black and glossy black.

Colors to avoid: Gray, brown, blue. Green, transparent yellow.

Spirit: Red coral strengthens the individual’s will to live and induces him to improve the conditions of his existence.

Psyche: The red coral strengthens the subject’s will, and makes him keenly aware of the aspirations still waiting to be realized. It gives dynamism and vitality. Useful when there is lack of energy and motivation and inability to work. Useful when the individual finds it difficult to stand up for himself, when he is fearful and dominated by others, when he cannot express his anger and understand others’ motives. Also useful in individuals who are too passive, easily controlled and suffer offenses, including physical ones).

Mind: Red coral urges the individual to take care of his or her basic needs and, therefore, his or her physical well-being, encouraging him or her to fight to meet them when necessary.

Physical level: Red coral improves iron assimilation by the small intestine, and stimulates red blood cell production. Thus, it results in increased oxygen supply to all tissues of the body, leading to an improvement in the overall health condition of the individual. Improves appetite, assimilation. Useful in thinness, weak muscles, weak small intestines with the possibility of hemorrhoids, wounds and inflammation with slow healing, and anemia.

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