Aurum alba or white gold

Ancient alchemists and hermetic philosophers often used mythological stories of legendary heroes or Semi-Gods to illustrate the universal alchemical process.
The Egyptians referred to them as in the marriage of Isis and Osiris and the birth of their son Horus, as the fruit of their divine union and consecration.
The Greeks used almost every deity in their Pantheon to simultaneously explain and conceal the Alchemical path to the absolute.
The Israelites used the epic of Moses separating the Red Sea into two parts to reach the Promised Land and this to teach the great mystery of divine creation.
Christians followed the same trend by writing about the life, death and resurrection of their Master Jesus of Nazareth and the mysterious worship of the Black Virgin. All this so as to reveal and conceal at the same time the alchemical hermetic science.
Wherever we look east or west, all ancient civilizations have taught and left for posterity a sacred and secret hieroglyphic language that conveys certain esoteric knowledge intended for those who were ready and mature enough to put it into practice.
More recently, following the same tradition, the medieval Templars left us an important wealth of knowledge in their cathedrals, yet everything about this natural science remains hidden under a thick blanket of religious beliefs, superstitions, myths, symbols, epics and hieroglyphics. For these reasons it is a very difficult science to understand, if not simply impossible, without the help of safe guidance.
In the ancient, as well as in the recent Hindu tradition, adepts who had direct experience of the deity could convey the highest knowledge using simpler, unadulterated language with limited religious emotional momentum.
They talked about ether, air, fire, water and earth, hot and cold, dry and wet, solid, liquid or vaporous. Attraverso la loro esperienza hanno capito come l’uomo era la piccola ma finale riproduzione o la contrazione del grande cosmo e lo hanno chiamato il microcosmo o piccolo mondo, perché tutto ciò che esiste al di fuori si riflette dentro l’uomo, nascosto nel suo corpo siderale sottile.
The rays of all the stars, sun and moon are present in us with adaptation in the form of living biological organs. God’s law interacts on all things, in all realms, following a corresponding and repetitive pattern of creation.
Through grace and the practice of yoga, meditation and contemplation, these cosmic forces can be awakened from potential to actual and initiate the principle of knowledge.
These cosmic energies have been described by sages as pairs of opposites, such as: male and female, Shiva and Shakti, hot and cold, sun and moon, gold and silver, earth and water, etc. … This dual divine energy is said to form the foundation of the spiritual body, omnipresent in all living and sentient beings; seers have called it the great kundalini.
It is depicted as seven wheels or “chakras” aligned from the coccyx to the top of the head and which are pierced and linked by three luminous shining channels with a spiritual fluid. The middle channel is called the star channel and corresponds to universal mercury, the right channel is the sun channel and corresponds to gold and the heart, and the left channel is the moon channel which corresponds to silver and the brain.
The Alchemical path is thus aimed at creating from a universal matter called “Sal Metallorum” two universal essences or Quintessences that are a manifestation of the Hermetic Sun and the Hermetic Moon, one red, one white, one the seed of gold and one the seed of ‘silver.
These two hermetic luminaries are the entire support and center of our life and breath. The moment we breathe in, we absorb this heavenly fire, which comes to us as polarized light or luminous matter brought from the air, enters us to become food for our soul and our body. It is this luminous matter that continuously provides us with warmth and fervor throughout life.
In the alchemical laboratory process, the first luminary to be extracted from the Chaotic Universal Waters is always the male principle, the red sun or gold ferment, which regulates the heart and venous system.
When this solar alchemical body or adamic earth is mortified with the waters of contrition, it dies, dissolves, goes into putrefaction and then is resurrected into a snow-white, glorious and luminous body.
This white body is the universal female or Hermetic Moon of the Philosophers and is sublimated by its sun. Its virtues are the opposite of the sun: cool or cold, very relaxing, calming refreshing. Relaxes, reduces overthinking, helps to concentrate, eliminating stress and anxiety. It brings peace, balance, harmony and a deep inner spiritual feeling.
It has the ability to penetrate deep into the astral and physical human body. The Alchemists call it their White Gold. It is obtained by the grace of God, and is ruled by the Moon.

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